Founders Hall South renovations include Student Services Center, Unity College Base Camp, a science lab, classrooms, and faculty offices

Unity College sets its students up for success in several ways, from delivering experiential education that gives students a variety of job-ready skills, to ensuring top-notch internships are easily accessible.

Now, there is a renovated space that can help students thrive during their time at Unity College. The modernized Founders Hall South is home to the Student Services Center, Unity College Base Camp, a science lab, classrooms, and faculty offices. The Student Services Center is a one-stop-shop allowing students to take care of registering for classes, paying bills, and getting financial aid assistance. Residence Life and the Dean of Students are also housed here.

“We wanted to create a convenient one-stop-shop so that students had all the resources they would need in one location,” said Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury. “In addition to that, we had heard from many students that they needed more lab space, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to build a new lab, which has already been used extensively by our students and is vital for our students and faculty to engage in applied research that has the potential to impact conservation on a global scale.”

Unity College's Student Services Center

The Unity College Base Camp is an open-concept space where students, faculty, and staff can gather to discuss classes, bring a lunch and a good book, or complete projects and assignments.

“I am excited about the creation of the Student Services Center and the opportunity to work with a team of professionals to serve students,” said Ray Phinney, Dean of Students at Unity College. “The functional areas located inside the Student Services Center create a convenient location for students to get the majority of their questions answered. We saw a lot of traffic during the first week of classes and were very happy to be able to assist them in our new space.”

The location in Founders Hall South also makes it easy for Student Services to assist students in finding other resources on campus. The student services center is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.