Enterprise Education Fall 2017

Not your average business degree

New Sustainable Business Enterprise Major the future of business

Study after study demonstrates that “going green” is good business.

Switching to solar, fuel cell or wind technology can earn companies a 30% tax credit on their energy expenditures. According to a UCLA study, companies that voluntarily adopt “green” practices and standards have 16 percent more productive employees than the average. A study from the University of Illinois at Chicago estimated that $15 billion could be saved over 10 years if all U.S. hospitals began reducing electricity and natural gas use, curtailing unnecessary waste through smart purchasing, and recycling.

The next leaders of the environmental century know that sustainability and business do not have to be at odds with one another — and Unity’s new B.S. in Sustainable Business Enterprise gives these students the key business administration skills they need to successfully implement sustainability initiatives in a variety of organizations, and the entrepreneurial skills to start their own environmentally-minded businesses.

“Of the world’s top 100 economies in 2016, 31 were countries and 69 were corporations. We need to keep that in mind when considering how to address problems of rising inequality and climate change,”  said Dr. Janis Balda, an Associate Professor of Sustainable Enterprise at Unity College serves as point person for the new bachelor of science program. “Businesses must be revolutionized from the inside.

Our graduates will have the skills they need to translate sustainability into any business or field and impact the choices they make every day.”

The new B.S. in Sustainable Business Enterprise exposes students to the business world through Unity College’s distinct sustainability science framework. Graduates will be effective sustainability innovators, know how to work collaboratively in teams with diverse stakeholders, and view environmental issues critically to identify and address challenges at the intersection of economy, society, and environment. Courses in the program feature titles such as “Entrepreneurship for a Better World,” “Resolving Environmental Challenges,” “Sustainability, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility,” and “Sustainable Finance.”

Bachelor’s degree candidates will travel to and work with regional, national, and international institutions, taking advantage of Unity’s position at the nexus of a large network of successful sustainable businesses and social organizations. In an SBE student’s final years of study, they will specify one of four tracks: International Sustainable Development, Sustainable Energy Management, Sustainable Agriculture, or Sustainable Tourism.

Professor Michael Womersley, Associate Professor William Hafford, and Professor Doug Fox will join Associate Professor Balda in teaching track-specific courses, culminating in years of hands-on experience and professionalism in a variety of different fields for students to tap into. A strong liberal arts foundation and curriculum based on sustainability science will produce well-rounded graduates who understand how business and the natural environment work together.

Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury will oversee the implementation of the new program and advise on its growth and progression.

“This is not your average business degree,” Dr. Khoury said.“A course or two on the environment is insufficient to truly address the issues at hand — so our students are immersed in sustainability science from day one, and will be able to recreate and reimagine the processes, products, and services of the industries they become involved with.”

Information about the new Sustainable Business Enterprise Bachelor of Science is featured in this year’s coursebooks, preparing for a Fall 2018 launch of the new program.