Partnerships Summer 2017

The Nicholas Holt Scholarship

Nicholas Holt Scholarship

In support of experiential learning experiences

Established at Unity College in 2010, the Nicholas Holt Challenge Scholarship Fund supports juniors and seniors in challenging, experiential learning projects that are self-initiated, curriculum-based, and approved by an academic advisor. The fund is made possible by a gift from the Holt family

Unity College was a major interest in Nick Holt’s life since 1973 until his death in 2006;  he spent more than 20 years working toward accreditation of its strong environmental teaching program.  Holt was an architect, family man, befriender of strangers, Army veteran, marcher on Washington, gunkholer and sailor, and a lover of color, trees and light. His family is pleased to honor his passion and commitment to Unity with this scholarship.

Four Unity College undergraduates were awarded Nicholas Holt Challenge Scholarships this year and will receive $10,000 of shared funding to undertake a wide range of research and internship opportunities:

John Grant, ‘19, a Captive Wildlife Care and Education major from Hanover, Mass. will take an animal care internship with the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Mass.

Laurel Sullivan, ‘18, a Captive Wildlife Care and Education major from Felton, DE, will study location and abundance of baleen whales in relation to tidal changes and upwelling in the Bay of Fundy, Canada.

Edina Jacox, ‘17, a Captive Wildlife Care and Education major from Chicago, IL, will serve an animal care internship with PAWS of Greater Chicago. 

Melanie Jackson, ‘17, a Wildlife Biology major from Keene, NH, will study the relationship between body condition (health) and stable isotope values derived from the hair of bears.

Candidates are chosen by a panel based on criteria that includes a demonstrated commitment to academic excellence; the presentation of a project that is distinctive and bears a meaningful relationship to the student’s post-graduation career and service aspirations; growth and learning experience unlikely to be available to the recipient without the support of the award; a demonstrated commitment to service; and strong record of productive involvement in the Unity College community.

Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury lauded the Holt family who donated the funds for the scholarships, saying it is an example of partnerships that work to educate Unity College students in the sustainability sciences.

“Holt scholarships help students get firsthand experience in research beyond the classroom,” Khoury said. “But the partnership works both ways: Institutions get bright, inquisitive minds for a season to help them attain their own program goals. It’s research and theory, applied to the real world.”